Best Mattress Under $100

best mattress under 100The following list of best mattress under 100 dollars is the next article of series on choosing a best mattresses at low price. Hopefully, you can get more clues when it comes to shopping a new mattress.

Best Queen Mattress Under 100 Dollars

I don’t want to emphasis the quality of these following mattresses. And, we have no intention of exaggerating what they don’t actually have. That’s because all those just make them less trustful. However, all the mattresses chosen below are worth the money, but the cons is you might not find your preferred size at under $100. One thing is a certain that the Twin size is never over $100.

Best Price Mattress 4″ Trifold Memory Foam Mattress

Best Price Mattress 4

Along with using as a night’s bed, this Best Price can be used for camping, overnight guests, and sleepovers. In addition, it can be good to place on top of your old mattress because this mattress just has 4 inches in total thickness.

Zinus Memory Foam 4 Inch Tri-Fold Comfort Portable Folding Mattress or Floor Mat

Zinus Memory Foam 4 Inch Tri-Fold Comfort Portable Folding Mattress or Floor MatThis Zinus is made of combination of 1 inch Memory Foam, 2 inches Viscolatex Responsive Foam, 1 inch High-density Base Support Foam. This makes it have necessary softness and durability. What else? It is designed to be foldable, which helps more convenient for storage or taking somewhere. Hence, it can be used as a camping bed, or an overnight guests’ bed.

Additionally, the memory foam, and BioFoam used for this Zinus is infused with natural ingredients to help absorb moisture, eliminate odors, and keep your mattress fresh.

LUCID 5 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

LUCID 5 Inch Gel Memory Foam MattressThis Lucid mattress is constructed from two layers of foam, including 1″ soft, ventilated cooling layer and 4″ supportive base foam layer. The foam is fairly good at conforming to your body shape. Along with that, it is infused with cooling gel, and combined with ventilated feature, resulting in cooling feel through the night.

Additionally, this model from Lucid is designed to provide firm feel. This makes it suitable for back and stomach sleepers. Even some heavy sleepers can use it. Lastly, short height and firm feel make it ideal to firm your mattress up, too.

LINENSPA 6 Inch Innerspring Mattress

LINENSPA 6 Inch Innerspring MattressLinenspa is an innerspring mattress built from a system of heavy gauge tempered steel coils, and quilted fabric cover and foam layer. This top layer provides the softness and cushion for sleepers. Meanwhile, the coils create the bounce and responsiveness for the mattress. This results in an exceptional comfort and support.

Additionally, though, noise is the big concern of cheap innerspring mattresses, this Linenspa doesn’t make any noises during your movements on it. Lastly, you can choose the Twin and Queen size at under $100, but the larger sizes than these can increase the prices.

Signature Sleep Memoir 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

This Signature Sleep Memoir is constructed from 2 inch top layer of comfortable memory foam, and a 6 inch layer of high density 9 ILD, 2 pound memory foam. These good quality foams can provide the mattress a balanced support. Along with that, it can minimize pressure points across your body. Due to these features, it results in a great support and comfort.

Additionally, the cover is made of breathable fabric, which adds an extra cooling feel for the mattress. More ideally, it is fairly soft to touch. This feature enhances your sleeping experience.

Olee Sleep 8 Inch Ventilated Convolution Memory Foam Mattress

Olee Sleep 8 Inch Ventilated Convolution Memory Foam MattressThis mattress has capacity to encompass the comfort of memory foam. There are features to minimize pressure on the body and providing a balanced support. This mattress creates perfectly personalized and balanced form around the body. This memory foam mattress supports body weight in the most comfortable way and relieves all sorts of pressure focused on the pressure points of shoulders, hips, and feet. At the same time, it eliminates motion disturbance. All this in combat results is a unique and extraordinary sleeping experience. The set provides lasting comfort, with a dense foam core that ensures years of unrestrained durability.


  • These mattresses are fit for all sort of dimensions
  • They are made from materials of non-compromised quality
  • It provides the right kind of cushioning
  • The dual level of argued softness and firmness is available at the same time
  • Offered at best prices


  • These products are available in online only
  • There is only one color option

LUCID 3-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper – Queen

LUCID 3-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper – QueenThis product is offered with special Memory Foam Formula Memory foam that creates a comfortable sleep surface by conforming to the curves of the body. It creates an individualized experience that aligns the spine and eliminates pressure points. This LUCID mattress topper features 3 inches of a specialized memory plush foam formula which airy and responsive. Gel Infused is used for Temperature Control LUCID infused plush memory foam with a gel material that regulates temperature for improved comfort. The gel material captures and distributes body heat to prevent overheating. The ventilated design improves Airflow ensuring comfortable and breathable sleeping surface.


  • These topers high supportive base and definite ‘memory foam’ feel
  • The change in shape of the topper proved great for people having trouble in pressure points
  • Users won’t be able to feel ‘stuck’ on bed – making the sleep a quality, restful and comfortable
  • While the topper is taken out of the packaging, this will start expanding and grow.
  • The packaging itself is a wrinkle-free, tearless and creases and thus brings a feeling of sobriety.


  • The topper is complained to be in shorter shape than the mattress itself
  • The topper has peculiar smell ranging from nail polish to paint remover
  • Compression is observed with many of the shipments

LINENSPA 5 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress – Firm Support – Twin

LINENSPA 5 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress – Firm Support – TwinThe LINENSPA 5 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress is induced with the benefits of memory foam and firm support. The comfort layer at the surface features a 1 inch layer of gel infused memory foam that packs together in hugging of curves and alleviate pressure. The infused memory foam with gel material helps to distribute heat that helps to maintain a comfortable temperature. Beneath the comfort layer, a 4 inch layer of high density support foam offers a support for waking up refreshed. This mattress is a low profile one, thus is a perfect fit for bunk beds and trundle beds. It is provided with soft, breathable fabric cover. It comes with a 10 year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • This mattress comes in a combination of pressure point relief and durable support
  • This is perfect for those who toss and change position in bed most frequently
  • The firmness of these mattresses is medium
  • The long-height people get good support from this type of mattresses
  • Offered at the most convenient prices


  • Some of the bed frames are coming in short configuration
  • Appears too firm for some users


Actually, to make customers believe in the quality of mattresses at under very cheap price isn’t easy. However, it is not fair a bit to be too skeptical about them. They have their own values and suit the needs of some groups of customers.