How To Buy Best Reading Pillow 2017

When reading a favorite book on a sofa or bed for a long time, we often feel pain in the shoulder, neck and hands. That makes reading more difficult. Understanding your problem and need, many companies are now introducing pillow specially designed for reading, known as the name of reading pillow or bedrest. This amazing pillow does not only provide support for your head and shoulders but also your back. It is especially useful for people with chronicle pain in those areas.

Top 10 Best Reading Pillow – Reviews & Rating

This article contains detail reviews on ten of the most popular best reading pillows on the marketplace at the moment. For the reader’s convenience, I also attach the Amazon links where you can find each product. If you are looking for a pillow for reading in bed or you are just simply curious, please continue reading.

1. LINENSPA Shredded Foam Reading Pillow

LINENSPA Shredded Foam Reading PillowRounding out the top 10 reading pillow, the LINENSPA Shredded Foam Reading Pillow use soft foam with a gray velvet cover great support for your back and head when reading. With this material, you can lie in all positions to your liking, meaning that you can move to different positions without pain. (What you can hardly do when reading just one position).

If you frequently change posture or position, you should seriously consider for LINENSPA. With LINENSPA, you absolutely can avoid having to change shape during prolonged use. It has the ability to retain the original shape very well, which many parties sleeper pillows can not support. Many people have complained about their pillow shape change after using for some time.

Unless this product points on its cover are not removable, but you can clean it or put it out in the sun to refresh it.

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2. Dr. Designed BedLounge (Small Size, 100% Cotton Cover, Natural Color)

Dr. Designed BedLoungeDr. Designed BedLounge is one of the most expensive reading pillows on the market today. It has two small and medium size with so many options in different colors (can choose according to individual personalities).

The biggest advantage of Dr.Designe is a detachable lid, making cleaning easier pillow becomes. All you need to do separate the cover and put it in your washing machine.

A special feature of the pillow is that it has an inner frame is covered by a layer of foam on the outside. Though the inner frame sounds very supportive, many people feel that the pillow is not firm enough and too spongy to be comfortable. Compared to the quality and customers’ reviews, it is fair to say that this product is a little bit overpriced. Many customers feel that they can get the same quality with a much lesser price. So if you are on a tight budget, I would not recommend this item.

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3. Brentwood Originals Brushed Twill Bedrest, Navy

Brentwood Originals Brushed Twill BedrestIf you are a small stature, the Brentwood Originals Brushed Twill Bedrest for you. This is a reading pillow with powerful weapons and super lightweight title (its total weight is just one pound – most read pillows are 5 pounds of weight).

That is to say, if you are a little heavy, you might find this pillow far too small and flimsy since there is not too much stuffing inside. To add to that, the twill cover that comes with this pillow has nice texture, but be careful it can wear out easily. Overall, the quality is pretty good and the price is very affordable. The only thing you should be concern with before purchasing this product is that whether your weight and body build fit it or not.

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4. Microsuede Bedrest Pillow Purple

Microsuede Bedrest PillowOne of the greatest diversity of Microsuede Bedrest Pillow is colors. With a total of eight different colors from black to purple to rose bushes, the product received many good reviews on the cover of the skin that is thick and durable enough to retain the color over time.

Only weighing 1 pound, the stuffing is made entirely of polyester is gentle to your body, while providing enough support for the neck and shoulder area. On the other hand, please note that the armrest can be quite short. Not to mention, these products often seem to be much smaller than most people’s expectations, but in a nutshell, reading this pillow is a pretty good choice. It will definitely bring you great comfort while you read.

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5. Brentwood Brushed Twill Bedrest

Brentwood Brushed Twill BedrestBrentwood is among the biggest firms in the industry for mattress and pillow. The company is committed to delivering the most high-quality products and customer experience. This Brentwood Brushed Twill Bedrest does not only excel in quality but also adorable. It will be ideal for children or anyone who are looking for the pillow as a piece of furniture.

Not just a great reading pillows, the Brentwood Brushed Twill Bedrest also supporting the neck, back and arms while watching TV or relaxing in bed or even your ground. The Brentwood Brushed flexible use at each location, in the living room, auditorium, stadium, etc. It has always been a companion for your comfort.

With the quality of cotton, weighing 3.8 pounds and easily clean the spot with a damp cloth. Brentwood Brushed increasingly popular and widely used sheet.

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6. Shagalicious Bedrest, Turquoise

Shagalicious Bedrest reading pillowThe Shagalicious Bedrest reading pillow has some of the best features that an ideal reading pillow should have: low price, soft and pleasant texture, high back to support your neck and super cute color. Some people feel that the pillow can be quite lumpy but then again the overall customers’ reviews are pretty impressive. It indicates that most people are satisfied with its quality.
After all, this product does have a lot of excellent features. Not to mention that Shagalicious is a very reputable brand so do not hesitate to invest in a product like this.

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7. NAP Bed Rest Reading Pillows

Bedrest NAP Reading PillowsBedrest NAP Reading Pillows is a combination of both good and bad reviews of the users. Have a look at its good points, it seems many people enjoy the super soft fabric cover and its elegant gray. The best feature, however, is not the outer shell, but what comes with it. Each NAP bedrest is done with a cup and a bag inside.

Just imagine for a moment how pleasant it would be in bed with a pillow on your back, a book in hand and a cup of hot chocolate next to you. If you are as fascinated by that scenario as I do then read this pillow is definitely the go-to your choice. And let’s not forget the bag. You may be able to book it after you finish reading it, or simply some snacks. In addition, NAP pillow is foldable. It will be very convenient to fold it and put it under your bed once you’ve done with the reading of the day. Also, the pillows are designed with a very high return and long arms give customers more space.

Switch to bad reviews. Number 1 is the price. This item costs more than the amount that most people would be willing to give for a bedrest. Then there came the weight. Customers often feel this heavy pillow from 8.7 pounds of weight is not easy to carry. Most of the negative comments came from behind despite the pillow. Compared with other readers pillows on the market, NAP is designed with a higher return. It means that this pillow can not fit a short person very well. Also, straight back to force people to sit in the position of 90 degrees may not be so comfortable.

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8. Z Foam Filled Reading Pillow

Z Foam Filled Reading PillowZ Foam Filled Reading Pillow is made of memory foam and covered with velour. Soft, lightweight, supportive and very large to huge over your body, this item is certainly suitable for reading in bed. The only drawback of the product is the complicated packaging. Most people have quite a tough time trying to open it.

Since the item is made from memory foam, it will be delivered to you in a compressed form. Here is a useful tip for you. First, you need to gently unroll the item. After that, try to beat it a couple of time to break the foam cluster. Once the task is done, it would be just as soft and fluffy as you expected.

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Over the time, people’s reading routine has changed from sitting in the library with piles of books in front of their faces to laying in bed with a kindle or tablet that contains hundreds of e-books in hand. The only thing that is missing in the scenario is a soft reading pillow.

Of course, if the book you currently read is really good, you don’t need to buy a pillow to enjoy it but having a reading pillow would certainly give you comfort and prepare you to absorb all the knowledge that you are about to take in.

Spending a little extra money to guarantee yourself comfort is never a bad idea. Unless you have already owned one, do not hesitate to click on one of the above links and order your favorite pillow right now.

I hope you find the article helpful. Also, I wish you find at least one of the above products that suit your taste and need. Enjoy your reading.

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