Chores That Kids Can Do

Nourishing and teaching kids are a long and hard process. Besides providing the best condition for their development, we also need to teach them how to love the valuation of working from small things as doing housework. In reality, some parents always keep children in their arms and not allow them to do anything; some are not patient to teach the kids. By this way, the parents have deprived the children’s right to development. The article will give you the reason why we need to teach the kids to do the chore and what chores that kids can do.

Why do need to teach the kids to do the chores

Teach them the value of working. The children who just sleep in the parent’s arm and do nothing can not realize how hard the work is and not understand why they must do it. They cannot be aware that working is a responsibility of every person including them. If you let them think the chore is the parent’s jobs, they will become lazy. Day by day, the laziness can be their characteristics, and they do not know the value of working.

Teach them self-sufficient. Instead of sitting and asking the mother to do something, children can do some small things such as getting dressed, taking the toys on the shelf and so on. It means they can get self-sufficient by taking anything they need by themselves. This is also a good characteristic when they go to school.

Teach them the patience, ingenuity, and other skills. Doing the chore is the first lesson in children’s life. For them, the chore is also considered as the challenge, and they need to overcome. One duty is one lesson, coming over it, they can discover themselves, find some good characteristics such as patience, clever. By doing housework, they can be more creative than other who just sleep all day.

How can we start?

Most of the parent will be worry that if their kids can do the housework. It will be a surprise for you that the kids can do the housework at the early age (about 2-3 years old) with some small duties. The problem comes from the parents. Do you know the children are always attracted by a clear goal they like the feeling of an important person who can contribute great changes for parents?

Sometimes, most of them will be against to the decision from the parents. However, do not worry, they can quickly get used to doing the chores. You should let them know doing the chores is the duties of every member of the family, including them. That is their responsibility.

To do this thing, you can list their duties in the paper and stick it on the wall where the kids can read. By this way, the kids can have an overall view of what they need to do and learn how to divide their time to finish these jobs.

The chores that the kids can do

Depending on what group your children is, you can give some different work. With the younger children, you just need to give them some small and mild job to help them get used to doing the chores. When they are older, you can give them more jobs.

Two or three years old: In this age, they are still little, you can give them some duties such as

+ Wipe down the front of oven, fridge or doors with a wet washcloth.

+ Take the toys back the box.

+ Collect some leave and the small tree branch.

+ Put garbage/ dirty diaper in the bin.

+ Take dirty clothes to the washing machine.

Four or five years old:

+ Feed the pets such as cats, dogs, birds.

+ Take the boys back the shelf.

+ Clean the bed.

+ Water the flowers, and trees.

+ Make snacks.

+ Dry dishes, bowls.

+ Use vacuum cleaner.

+ Clean windows, door.

Six or seven years old: In this age, they start going to school and get more knowledge. Therefore, you can give them more duties.

+ Collect the garbage.

+ Clean the floor with vacuum cleaner.

+ Dry the clothes.

+ Pick the grass.

+ Sweep the dried leaves.

+ Peeled potatoes, carrots.

+ Mix salad.

+ Change the toilet paper.

Seven or eight:

+ Wash dishes.

+ Wash their clothes.

+ Dry the clothes.

+ Clean the stuff in the house.

+ Wash the yard.

+ Dry eggs and toast.

+ Take dogs around.

+ Clean the table.

Ten or eleven years old

+ Clean the bathroom.

+ Clean the carpet.

+ Send the letters.

+ Cut the grass.

+ Fix some simple things such as patch clothes.

+ Clean the store.

+ Cook.

Over 12 years old:

+ Clean the house.

+ Wash the car.

+ Paint the wall.

+ Clean the fence.

+ iron the clothes.

+ Go to the market.

+ Keep the baby.

Over time, the meaning of what they do can go with them and reach out of society. Although the jobs are small, their repetition can provide their some useful skills. When they are married, they can share the chores with their partner in the happy way. Now, compared to teach them how to dance, sing and draw, doing the chores seems to be out of date. However, teaching the kids responsible for their jobs is teaching a future adult share and contribute to society.

Lastly, the thinking and feeling or emotions of most children will develop over time and come from the things they learn from the outside. Therefore, what we teach our children will partly affect their personality in the future.Hence, do not hurry, be gentle and patient with your kids. Do not let them fear the chore, but let them fell excited when doing. Your attitude is the decided factor for if you kids love the chores.

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