The Effects of Sleeping Too Much

too much sleeping

There are too many problems when it comes to health, especially sleep. They are really important for each of us.

For a healthy person, sleeping from 7 to 9 hours per night is a necessary and required. If you sleep less, you will feel worse on the next day with many symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, dizzy, do affect the activities the following day. But if you sleep too much compared to the normal level, this also is not good and it also affects your health, this is hard to believe isn’t it?

too much sleeping

To understand that, sleep too much will bring immeasurable harm to your health. Keep reading and learn more about why too much sleep can be harmful to you.

Overweight, obesity when sleeping too much

Because when you load the energy into the body by food and nutrients but you can’t use it to operate, then the result is the energy and nutrients that will accumulate the excess fat in the body on a lot cause overweight, obesity.

Increased risk of cardiovascular disease

At heart, often beating very fast, the heart muscle contractions are stronger, the process of blood circulation of the heart increased. Heart at rest, the body is also in that State. The heart, the contraction of the heart muscle and the blood circulation is reduced. Thus, the time you sleep, you rest for too long all do affect functioning of the heart and circulatory system gradually caused cardiovascular diseases like high blood pressure, low blood pressure, atherosclerosis, …

Increase the likelihood of death from sleeping too much

There is a study has shown that: those who slept an average of under 4 hours/day or 10 hours/day on, whether male or female, has a high mortality rate because it caused the disturbances on the activities of the organs in the body, is the origin of several diseases and deterioration of the immune system quickly.

Hurt and caused the diseases of the respiratory system

By morning the atmosphere in the bedroom is quite polluted, stuffy, contains many bacteria, CO2, thus when you sleep the morning Grill is very easy to hurt and cause respiratory system diseases such as flu, sore throat, cough, …

Caused the injury to the digestive system

Through a long night, your stomach is empty but the activity of the stomach is still happening, still more room, contractions still from it prevented the stomach works poorly and cause stomach ailments such as stomach pain, gastritis, stomach ulcers, …

Loss of focus, poor work performance, dementia

A long sleep makes the brain drain quite a lot oxy cause temporary brain organization “lack of nutrition” at the same time the body will lose the ability to balance hormones. So when you wake up will feel tired, heavy head, dream, lifeless, lazy activity, hard to concentrate, to work efficiently and not this situation lasts will lead to dementia, very dangerous.

Cause the disorder of the body’s biological clock

Once you eating, living, sleeping of the organs in the body also will gradually come into operation, efficiency and moderation. But the more you sleep will make the agency system in the body begins to “irregular”, works poorly in comparison to its function and this influence to your long-term health.

Create the feeling of appetite when sleeping too much

Maybe you will wake up at 7 a.m. and recharge with a full nutrition then here you again forget breakfast, sleep until wake then the hour was too attached to the tired expression, where oil makes you feel bored and this situation lasts will make you forget must-breakfast-one of the most important meal of the day always there?

Increase the risk and spend way too much sleep

Not enough sleep, 6 people per day, the risk of diabetes twice as high. If bed time too, the 8, the risk of diabetes is higher than three times.

The lazy, slacking muscle activity

You slept too late in the morning makes the muscles do not relax, circulation of blood, limb numbness so tired also, Hey body moist, discomfort as such will make you lazy activity, all day just in a State of fatigue. This situation lasts will influence greatly to the health of the body especially the development of bone and muscle systems of children.

Therefore whatever is on vacation, holidays you should also eat, sleep, stay active moderation to ensure for the bodies in the body functioning smoothly, efficiently to care for and protect good health. Plenty of sleep not only helps you restore health but also prevent you from having 1 in 10 dangerous harm of too much sleep. Thus, although said “eat, sleep is the first” but must ensure reasonable and you. Wish you always know how well protected the health of themselves every day

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