What you need for your baby’s first 3 months

OH, MY FLYING STORK!! You’ve got a baby on the way and you have the slightest clue as to getting everything your baby will need. Even if you’ve been down this road before, there is something about a pregnancy that can sometimes turn your brain into mush. Relax! I have the essential checklist for everything you will need for your baby.

Shopping for your baby can seem overwhelming with all the newest gadgets, the assorted brands, safety concerns, and broad price ranges. It can be difficult when trying to decide exactly what you will need for your baby. Having a checklist of the essentials will help make sure you have everything prepared and ready for when your baby arrives.

To make the process of getting ready for your baby simpler, let’s break our baby gear needs down to simple categories. When your baby arrives,all he will want to do for the first three months is eat, sleep, play, poop, get clean, and stay safe and cozy in you loving arms. Your baby’s first 3 months should at least include the following:


  • At least 5 – 10 bottles
  • Extra nipples
  • Bottle cleaning brush
  • Bottle drying rack
  • Breastmilk pump*
  • Sterile zip sealed storage bags*
  • Breast pads*
  • Bottle warmer
  • Small cooler or thermal pack*
  • Nursing pillow*


  • Crib w/mattress or basinet
  • Crib bedding
  • Mobile
  • Night lights
  • White noise device or ticking clock
  • Swaddling or security blankets
  • Head support for car seat


  • Play yard
  • Play yard cover
  • Swing or bouncer
  • Entertainment mat for tummy time
  • Stroller
  • Soft books
  • Colorful and interacting toys
  • Bath toys
  • Sunscreen lotion and insect repellant gentle enough for baby’s skin


  • As many diapers as you can store
  • Pre-moistened cleaning cloths for babies
  • Bottom rash cream
  • Diaper pail
  • Changing table
  • Changing pad

Getting Cleaned up

  • Infant tub
  • Hooded towels
  • Extra soft wash cloths
  • Baby shampoo and body wash
  • Baby lotion
  • Nail clipper
  • Comb and Brush
  • Gentle laundry soap for clothes


  • Onesies sizes NB through 3-6 mos.
  • Short and long sleeved shirts
  • Pants and short pants
  • Infant hats
  • Socks sizes NB to 3-6 mos.
  • Mittens for babies with longer nails
  • One piece snow suit for babies born during the colder months.

Health and Safety

  • Thermometer
  • Nasal aspirator
  • First aid kit
  • Hot/cold compress
  • Baby monitor
  • Car seat

This list may seem long, but these are the essentials you will need to get a good start on a new life. Honestly, the list may get longer for you as you start to shop for the beginning of your baby’s existence. While you don’t have to go out and spend a lot of money on any of these items, it may benefit your family more to splurge on a few essential items so that they last longer and you get better use out of them. This will also be a benefit if you plan to have more children.

Having a new baby can break the bank so it must be said that there is absolutely nothing wrong with purchasing any of these items as gently used or pre-owned. (Except for the car seat). You can find great deals on baby gear by shopping resale shops and by signing up for email subscriptions and coupons on-line.

Once you and your baby are home and fall into the rhythm of life, you will begin to learn what your baby likes and dislikes and what is working best for you. When purchasing these items, you should also consider the resale value of some items as you may not use them or your baby may grow too big for them. Nevertheless, being organized and prepared with the right baby gear can relieve some of the anxiety. The one thing your baby will need the most of is the love and support of family and friends.