How To Make Sleep Well ( Infographic )

how to make sleep well

A good night’s sleep is very beneficial to our health, the sleep-season, making us more affected. In summer, more time making our operations more like a vacation, travel, etc., especially small children. So how do we have a good sleep, here are 10 ways to help you sleep better with sleep pillow :

  • Maintain a schedule break nghÆ¡i suitable for the body, especially the sleep
  • Limit the amount of caffeine late in the day, it’s best not to use it in the evening.Those who had the habit of taking many years, should limit because they have the effect of causing your sleep disorders.
  • Should not sit too long before computers or televisions, the blue light emitted from them makes our brain, affect sleep
  • In the evening you should not eat too no, this makes the stomach have to work excessively with the energy of the body
  • On the contrary, should also not to empty stomach, it will cause you to make a meal my glass at midnight
  • Before bed, you can have a mild exercise or walk, this makes your body more than welcome to have a deep sleep.
  • Not drinking too much before bedtime, it will cause your bladder is working, and of course you have to go pee at midnight
  • Keep the bedroom clean, cool with the temperature, brightness and quiet environment
  • Investing in bedding: Find a mattress, pillows and sheets that invite you to rest peacefully
  • To use the alarm clock before and after sleep. This will help you to have a proper sleep habits now
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