How To Sleep Soundly On Hot Summer Nights

How To Sleep Soundly On Hot Summer Nights

For some people in the summer, sleep is often interrupted by excessive heat. Here are some steps to help you get a good night’s sleep in the summer. ( How to buy best pillow for side sleepers )

How To Sleep Soundly On Hot Summer Nights Infographic

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When the goin gets tough, it is time to try something new.

Get cold feet: Dunk your feet into a bucket of cold water when feeling hot. Pulse points in our feet and ankles are sensitive to temperature, so you’ll cool down quickly.

Creat a cool breeze: Cool the room by draping a damp sheet in front of an opne window-the breeze will do the rest.

Hang out: Sleep in a hammock. Hanging mid-air will allow for better airflow to take your heat away.

Ice your fan: Fill a bowl  with ice cubes and place in front of a fan. The ice cubes will slowly melt dispering a cool breeze.

Go egyptian: Wrap yourselt in a damp sheet while sleeping. Legends say ancienent Egyptians used this technique to keep cool on hot nights.

Eat strategically: Eating smaller meals more frequently will reduce the heat produced by metabolism-keeping you cooler at night.

Upgrade your mattress: Switch to a gel mattress. The thermo regulating properties of the TheraPur Actigel range provides both aeration and comfor – perfec for a cool night’s clumber.

Try rustic bedding: Swap your heat-traping mattress for a modest bamboo or straw mat. Not as soft, but not as hot either.

Whether your are freezing water bootle or sleeping like an Egyptian – enjoy everything summer has to offer – including the warm nights.

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