A Nursing Pillow: How To Use

Do you  pregnancy and your baby coming? Are you ready to embrace? What are you prepared for them? Milk, diapers, strollers, haul cars, clothes, and toys? Wait, wait! It looks like you have a nursing pillow, is a breastfeeding product, right? If so, please read the information below before you buy one buy one of the best for your baby.

how to use a nursing pillow

What is a nursing pillow?

A nursing pillow, also known as the breastfeeding pillow, a pillow specifically designed for the breastfeeding. This type of pillow is available in the market with full design, size, and price. All of them are made from natural materials, hypoallergenic for users. It will support you in all positions when you’re breastfeeding.

A nursing pillow: How to use

Nursing pillows used in the process of raising children, here are 4 basic steps when using a nursing pillow you need to know.

Choose an appropriate location before you start breastfeeding, the nursing pillow is the right choice wherein the strong bond with your baby.

Put a pillow for breastfeeding correctly: you should put the pillow around your waist. With clasp, you also put it on your right side and your back backrest.

Selecting appropriate height: The height of the pillow should be adjusted in a reasonable manner so that you can feel the most comfortable. Don’t forget to close the clasp, or fasten the belt/Velcro to ensure safety for your baby. Additionally, in order to help the pillow to fit snugly to the baby, you can adjust the straps.

Breastfeed with the pillow: Sit down and put her head in the pillow section to a baby grasping position. This useful item for not only breastfeeding but also bottle feed.

A nursing pillow: How to choose

You should note some features below before purchasing a nursing pillow

The time you breastfeed: before buying a nursing pillow, you should pose the question “breastfeeding duration is how long?”. If you are only feeding within 3 to 4 months, you need not care much about the longevity of the knee, or the size and the length of it. However, if you decide to breastfeed the mother in a year, a larger investment is worth considering.

You twin: If you two twin babies, then you should choose best nursing pillows for twins. They are consistent with the twins about the size, thickness and other factors.

Your waist circumference: abdominal circumference during pregnancy will be different, right? If possible, the best you should go to a store and try on some nursing pillow to see if they fit around your waist or not.

Shape: On the market today there are many nursing pillows with the different shape like the letter U, letter C, the Crescent shape. Among them, the letter C is more common because it not only fits most body types but also provides a much-needed support for your arms. The second shape is used for wrapping around mother’s whole body, which can give lumbar support. The crescent shape is produced for the purpose of wrapping around the side of the body.

Style: For many women, choosing a nursing pillow is not only served in breastfeeding but also a hobby for different pillows. Depending on your interests, as well as the gender of the baby, you can choose the pillows with different patterns and colors to match the baby room decor.

Easy to clean: The final note that is cleaning feature. You should choose a pillow with high cleaning ability. Especially can clean washing machine, because it will help you save a lot of time to care for your baby.

A nursing pillow : What are benefits ?

In addition to the original function, people use the nursing pillow for lots of purposes.

+ Use to reduce pain, fatigue, and tiredness during your pregnancy.

+ Use to help the little one build strong muscles by doing tummy time.

+ Use to give extra supports from the front or behind while the baby sits.

+ Use to help the baby get a good latch.

+ Use as effective tips to help you recover from c-section.

+ Use to help your little angel to start sitting up.


Being a mother is a great thing for women with no words can describe it. I hope you and your baby will have a great experience with nursing pillows. Good health !

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