How To Wash and Care Pillows and Mattress

Pillows, mattresses are always the best friends, closer to people’s lives. It gives people bring good sleep, so it is directly related to the health of every member of the family. Cleaning and storing them properly will help your family avoid potential illness in blankets, sheets, cushions dirty. will guide you how to Wash and Care Pillows and mattress.

how to wash pillow

Wash Pillows, Mattress

Most of the blankets, sheets pillows are made from the soft cotton material such as Coop Home Goods, Good Life Essentials, Mediflow … The blanket cleaning sheets, pillows with cotton you should wash with warm water, do not use the strong detergent, washing pillowcases and blankets, sheets regularly recurring avoid bacteria, dust adhering in the blanket, bed cover to affect human health. If you leave the set of blankets, sheets, pillows and dirt will be at risk of respiratory disease, acne, allergies …

Note: you should tap daily blankets and pillows to prevent dust, keep the softness of the fabric, this way also makes a skin cell death in the kingdom in the bedroom we can fall out, to avoid diseases skin.

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Ironing pillows, mattress

When washing blankets, sheets, pillows will make blankets, sheets, pillows were fine, so you want them to be flat, it should be, ironing blanket sheets, pillows when they are to be able to fast moisture flatter, you should be on the left station to limit effect of embroidery or weaving to the top of the station. Avoid hair products as blankets, sheets, pillows made of cotton.

Preservation and storage

Usually, blankets, sheets, pillows are kept in wooden cabinets, therefore, you should use for the quilt lining sheets, pillows and then distilled. When washing blankets, sheets, pillows should not leave them exposed to direct sunlight which affects the quality of the product. With thick cotton blankets, the cleaning will be more difficult when the main thin and light blankets so you just washing down comforters, thick in about 2 to 3 times.

Note use of mattress, pillows

You should not let the product near where the high temperature, not to pour oil or chemicals onto bedding affect the quality of blankets, sheets, pillows. Should wear padding, pillow during your family’s use.

How to clean the buffer

For this type of molding mattress, cushion spring: With the kind of Coop Home Goods, Good Life Essentials, Mediflow … are coated on the outside may be removed from the buffer, the buffer will be simple hygiene removable padded shell carried away clean laundry dry. As for the box-spring type you should use baking soda powder or vacuum cleaner to clean the buffer.

You can perform a number of steps fine, simple but will help you clean quickly and effectively buffer:

Step 1: You peel removable cushion, then taken away clean laundry and drying, avoid direct sunlight.

Step 2: Using a mixture of soda water on the surface of the buffer of about 20 to 30 minutes after water seepage into the buffer soda.

Step 3: Then you dry vacuum mattresses, the vacuum will suck all the dirt on the surface of the buffer.

Step 4: However, in the process using the buffer can adhesive stains difficult to clean, vacuum cleaner smoking in the buffer fully dust you should use a buffer to bats are on the stains, trash substances are hidden deep in the buffer can fall out then use a vacuum cleaner to clean.

Note: If you have children and your children caused by urine stains on the padded cushion is thin, you use the dryer to dry the thick padded cushions for your longer towel, dry absorbent paper, then use pour alcohol on the wounds, the effects of alcohol and cleaning deodorant stains more alcohol dry very quickly.

For the sticky blood stains in the buffer: You should buy some hydrogen peroxide to oxygen and flows directly to the stain and elderly staying cool and dry it, if not you can use the sun was drying buffer Dryer .

For stains from food, the beverage you shed the buffer, you should use a little dishwashing liquid mixed with cold water, wet towel with a mixture of mild dishwashing detergent to scrub soiled cushions to make clean. Then buffer dried or dryer.

That is how to preserve hygiene and simple, but useful want to share with you, wish you to preserve hygiene and bedding properly extend the life of the product quilt bed cover.

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