Natural Therapies for A Good Sleep

Natural therapies for a good sleep

Insomnia often helps your body feel tired, and what you think of right away to improve your sleep is to use sleeping pills. Sleeping pills can help you get a good night’s sleep, but it brings a lot of side effects like fatigue, drug addiction, depression, it makes your stomach more and less due to the effects of Western medicine.

Use sleeping pills are a natural and not to be recommended that doctors should not abuse. Here are some natural remedies for you to get a better and deeper sleep.

Natural therapies for a good sleep


According to recent studies, the smell of Lavender to help us have a better and deeper sleep, improve insomnia and anxiety. On the market there are now so many products with essential oils of lavender, you can easily find them. But more natural and interesting by making you manually create products yourself. Very simple, you just need to buy pure Lavender essential oil and spray the Republic on a side sleeper pillow or you also can mix lavender with water in small aerosol spray in the bedroom helps more natural space, help you sleep better.

The help of the hormone

Melatonin is a hormone strongly affects sleep, usually, the brain will secrete melatonin at certain amounts (about 5 mg) in the evening to help sleep. Therefore, you should avoid the effects from external (using the computer, the phone before bed) reduce the amount of Melatonin is lower than normal, it will cause you to lose sleep. If you lose sleep, you should need to consult doctors to use medications containing Melatonin. Please note, if you are pregnant, you should not use the medication containing Melatonin because it increases the risk of developing disorders of the fetus.

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Many studies show that listening to soothing music before bedtime helps you fall asleep as well as sleep more deeply. Doctors advised that people should listen to very mellow 1-2 songs before bedtime. If you wake up in the middle of the night, do not listen to music, you just close your eyes and think about a mellow melody you have heard. One more kind of white sound is classical music, the kind of euphonic music, not create anything but a stimulating musical sound monotonous. Similar to the monotonous music of this ensemble, you should look to buy the tape of the surf, the sound of the waterfall, the sound of pine trees … to lull.

White noise

In generally, when sleeping, you should avoid all kinds of noise, such as loud music, the sound of TV, radio. Whether you realize it or not, the change of volume of the noise will make the brain awake. However, there is one exception. That is the white noise, a synthetic sound of the bass and continuously. These types of continuous bass are pretty monotonous, causing the brain to relax and not be awakened. The white noise generator machines are expensive to buy, but if you want to own, operating sounds of the fan or air conditioning at a certain level make analog audio as well, you give it a try.There are currently a number of CDs are designed to put people to sleep more easily. Besides that, some special kinds of sound with suitable wavelengths are studied to help you can fall asleep. Furthermore, you can sleep on side with the pillow for side sleepers as same as when you were in your mother’s womb.

Herbal tea

Tea made from herbs such as chrysanthemum, lavender and valerian are also very effective in having a sleep. It should be noted that making tea with half the amount of water you use often because drinking plenty of water may cause you to wake up during the night to resolve, despite how sleepy you are. If you are taking medication as the prescription, you should consult a doctor before taking any herbal remedy, as they may react with medications you are taking. Moreover, do not drink green tea, dried tea during the day and especially before going to bed because drinks or foods containing caffeine such as coffee, chocolate … should not be taken in the afternoon after 16 hours.

Warm milk

A glass of warm milk before going to bed 15 minutes soothes the nervous system. Calcium contained in milk works directly on jagged nerves to make you relax.
A good night’s sleep is the dream of people with insomnia. Buying a pillow for side sleepers and applying the above methods, we hope the insomnia disease will reduce.

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