Signature Sleep Contour 8-Inch Independently Encased Coil

Signature Sleep Contour 8-Inch Independently Encased Coil Mattress
The Signature Sleep Contour 8-Inch Independently Encased Coil Mattress Reviews is a very practical choice for families looking for mattresses for their child’s big kid bed, or a mattress for their guest bedroom. It has independently-encased coils but you will actually not feel these spring coils because it almost has a memory foam feel that contours your body as you sleep. The spring coils are layered in between a polyester foam layer and high quality foam layer, helping provide equal comfort. It includes 4 size (twin, full, queen, king) with sizes, thicknesses different.

The bed also absorbs movement giving the person a more restful sleep. It is eco-friendly, and comes in a very compact duffel bag upon purchase, and this very compact packaging could even fit small cars.

Features of Signature Sleep contour 8 Inch twin

Spring Mattress

spring mattress

This mattress is made of 480 tempered steel independently-encased coils that are enveloped in a non-woven fabric insulation pad, and a thick foam layer made from polyester, and high quality foam. Such feature ensures soft comfort and excellent support.

Cushion Firmness: The hips, spine and the neck are well-supported relieving you of aches and pains in the morning. Offers equal weight distribution absorbing your pressure points, and allows for natural spine and body alignment, and great comfort.

Durable Spring Coils: The close to 500 7-Inch, 15-Gauge, Independently Encased Coil Springs ensure maximum comfort and durability of this mattress. It also allows for better absorption of movement eliminating motion transfer.

Low Price Point: This mattress is not as expensive as other twin mattresses in the market, but provides great value and comfort for children and even to adults who may occasionally sleep in the mattress. It is a practical choice for small families.


  • Provides enough support and comfort for both kiddie sleepers and adults who may occasionally sleep on the bed. Promotes natural spine alignment that absorbs pressure points relieving body aches and pains.
  • Great for back and stomach sleepers.
  • Made of premium-quality steel coils, encased in hi-grade foam layer.
  • Isolates motion, providing uninterrupted sleep.
  • Environment-friendly as it is made with sustainable components that have reduced carbon footprint.
  • Low-price point for a superior-quality mattress.
  • Compact Delivery.


  • May not be supportive enough for side sleepers. Side sleepers are better off with memory foam mattresses.
  • Almost no warranty offer.
  • Not suited for long-term adult use.
  • May not be as durable and long lasting as the higher-priced mattresses in the market.
  • It is not manufactured in the United States.

Benefits of using Signature Sleep contour 8 Inch twin mattress

If you are looking for the perfect “big kid “bed for your child or a mattress for your guest bedroom then the Signature Sleep Contour 8 Inch Twin Mattress is the practical choice.

Great Support and Comfort

Great Support and Comfort

The mattress follows your body contours absorbing your pressure points. It promotes natural spine alignment relieving you of body aches because your spine, neck and hips are naturally positioned and supported while lying in this mattress. Great for back and stomach sleepers because of the adequate support and firmness level it provides.

Isolates motion: This mattress eliminates motion transfer so if and when you fall asleep while reading your child his bedtime story, you may not even realize that you may have dozed off in his bed because you will definitely not feel his movements as you sleep. The independently-encased steel coils isolates motion within the mattress providing you with an uninterrupted slumber.

Great Value Price: This mattress is affordable yet provides the support and comfort that expensive mattresses provide. It is an excellent choice for small families, as it provides both value and comfort at a low price point.

Compact Packaging:

Compact Packaging

This mattress comes in a duffel bag, and is compact enough for a person to carry into his car – and take note even small cars. It unravels in minutes and depending on the temperature of the bed, it can be used as soon as it reconstitutes.



This mattress is made of components that are sustainable and environment-friendly. No harmful VOCs have been emitted while the mattress is being manufactured.


The Signature Sleep contour 8 Inch twin mattress provides great value at a price point even a small and starting family can afford either for their child, or for their guest bedroom. The mattress provides great comfort through the high-quality spring and foam components. These components allow for natural spine alignment and conforms to the natural contours of the body, absorbing pressure points.

It is also very compact and easy to handle from store to home, and could even fit small cars. It reconstitutes in minutes and depending on the temperature, it could even be used right away. It is a practical purchase that lends great value comfort. You may also like another brand on the market as ultimate dreams mattress.

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