Best Pillows for Side Sleepers: A Comprehensive Guide for Buyers

After several years of testing for all different types of pillows in all positions. We have also identified Coop Home Goods is the best pillow for side sleepers, stomach sleepers and back sleepers. Coop Home Goods Hypoallergenic Pillows Memory Foam with removable polyester and Bamboo Derived Vicose Rayon Cover not only give you a deep sleep, but more importantly reduces the chances of having a sore body in the morning. We also identified a similar select few that can better support and helps you easily select the best pillow for your location and your disease.

Tips: In addition to choosing a suitable sleeping pillow, you should also use mattress for side sleepers. Because it has been researched and produced to best support your sleep.

Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam Pillow
* Made in USA
Memory Foam Pillow
4.9/5 Overall Score

Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow
* Made in USA
Memory Foam Pillow
4.8/5 Overall Score

ComfyComfy Buckwheat Pillow
* Made in USA
Buckwheat Pillow
4.6/5 Overall Score

Good Life Essentials Shredded Memory Foam Pillow
* Made in USA
Memory Foam Pillow
4.5/5 Overall Score

Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow
* Made in USA
Waterbase pillow
4.5/5 Overall Score

Natural Talalay Latex Zoned Pillow
* Made in China
Latex Pillow
4.5/5 Overall Score

Sleep Better Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow
* Made in USA
Memory Foam Pillow
4.4/5 Overall Score

Sleep Joy ViscoFresh Memory Foam Advanced Contour Pillow
* Made in USA
Memory Foam Pillow
4.3/5 Overall Score

Beyond Down Gel Fiber Side Sleeper Pillow, King
* Made in USA
Fiber Pillow
4.1/5 Overall Score

Dream Supreme Plus Gel Fiber-Filled Pillows
* Made in USA
Fiber Pillow
4.0/5 Overall Score

My Pillow Classic Premium Series Bed Pillow
* Made in USA
4.8/5 Overall Score

Top 10 Best Pillows For Side Sleepers 2017

Are you looking for the best pillow that can provide the highest level of comfort for sides sleeping? There is no need to look any further. We are here to extend a helping hand. This side sleeper guide will provide you with insights on some of the most important things to consider when evaluating the available options. We will also take a look at ten of the best choices that can be taken into account.

Note: All products recommended here on this site, are machine washable and hypoallergenic!

1. Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam Pillow - Best Pillow to Buy in 2017

Shredded memory foam pillow with bamboo cover by coop home goodsThe importance of using the right pillow is undebatable, especially if you are a side sleeper. This is going to help you sleep comfortably, and more importantly, will reduce the possibility of suffering from an aching body the morning after. With this, if you read any side sleeper guide, you will notice that a lot of experts are recommending the use of the right pillow. Which one should you pick? If you have no idea which one is the best, keep on reading and know more about Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam Pillow to decide if it is going to be an option that will be worth your money.

Shredded Visco Elastic Memory Foam: This model is not just made from plain and simple memory foam, but one that is shredded. This is asserted to be better in terms of being able to provide personalized fit. Its shape will be contoured based on the body of the user, which is why it can provide comfort that is tailor-fitted to individual needs.​

Hypoallergenic: One more feature that is worth highlighting in this product is its ability to resist the most common allergens, including those that can be caused by dust and mites. For sure, you will not end up sneezing in the middle of the night, and hence, sleep distractions can be eliminated.

30-day Satisfaction Guarantee: You will enjoy one month of risk-free trial. Within such period, if you are dissatisfied in any way, just inform the manufacturer. Return the product and they will issue an unconditional refund.

5-Year Warranty: The manufacturer is confident about the quality of their product, which is exactly the reason why they are offering warranty that lasts for a period of 5 years.


  • High-Quality Foam: One thing that has been highlighted in the best pillows for side sleeper reviews is its premium quality foam. It is long lasting, and more importantly, its firmness can be adjusted based on individual preferences or requirements
  • Affordable Price: One thing that makes it impressive is its reasonable price, especially considering the benefits that it can deliver.
  • Retains its Shape :The plushness of the foam will retain throughout the time that you are sleeping while also being able to provide customized comfort.


  • There is a strong chemical smell once it is opened. According to the manufacturer, however, this is going to naturally disappear after a couple of days
  • Not as Supportive: For those who prefer firmer pillow with strong support, this may not be the best choice. Because it has shredded memory foam, it can be plushy.

2. Snuggle Pedic Standard Size Ultra-Luxury Bamboo - Top 1 Best Seller for Neck Support

Snuggle Pedic Standard Size Ultra-Luxury BambooWhen you go online and look for a side sleeper guide, you will learn a lot of tips on how you can lessen the possibility of suffering from body pain when you wake up. In this case, one of the most important things that should be done is to invest in the right pillow. Looking for the perfect choice? Keep on reading and we will tell you more about Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Kool Flow Memory Foam Pillow.

100% Certi-Pur U.S. Certified Foam: Before being publicly introduced, the product has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that it adheres to the strict standards imposed by relevant organizations. This can provide you with the confidence that the foam is indeed premium when it comes to quality.

Kool-Flow Micro-Vented Cover: One of the problems with most of the side sleeper pillows is that they can be too hot, especially when used during the summer season. This is not going to be a problem with this model. The cover is designed in such a way that it encouragesbreathability.It provides proper air circulation, making the user well-ventilated.

20-year Warranty: This is a reflection of the commitment of the manufacturer towards promoting the highest quality in all of their products. For two decades, you can be assured of dependable customer support. Its warranty coverage is perhaps one thing that its competitors will find hard to match.

Orthopedic Support: Because it is made from memory foam, it is going to be naturally supportive and comfortable. It will conform to the shape of the body of the user, allowing the pillow to provide customized comfort. It is going to provide the support that is needed by the neck, especially if you are a side sleeper.


  • No-Flat Technology: Even with prolonged and frequent use, you can expect the shredded memory foam inside the pillow to remain firm.
  • High-Quality Cover: It is made from bamboo, a natural material that can deliver a wide array of benefits, such as being hypoallergenic and its ability to resist dust and mite.
  • Provides Personalized Comfort: This is one benefit that holds true in the case of memory foam pillows in general. Your body will put pressure on the pillow and its shape will be personalized.


  • Initial Odor: This is not a big thing. The chemical-like smell can be experienced within the first few days of use. After which, it will just disappear on its own.
  • A Bit Firm for Some Users: If you are used into sleeping in plush, cushioned pillows, you might need some time to adjust with this pillow as some have reported that it can be a bit firm.

3. My Pillow Premium Series Bed Pillow

My Pillow Premium Series Bed Pillow, Standard/Queen Size, Medium ClassicThe luxurious My Pillow Classic Premium Series Bed Pillow is a poly-filled pillow like no other you have ever known. It’s patented interlocking fill creates a firm support that won’t flatten the way normal polyester filled pillows will. The unique design allows for cool, supportive comfort that will keep your head and back in the proper position to avoid the common sleep related ailments, and even help reduce pain from injuries and illness.

The neck is at its most vulnerable as we sleep. Unsupported it can bend in uncomfortable ways that make it hard to stay asleep, and even pinch nerves and create sore, tender muscles. Pinched nerves in the neck are often the cause for headaches, some even to the level of migraine, stiff neck muscles, sore shoulders, tingling in the arms and even lower back pain and sore legs. The central nervous system, located in the spinal column reaches out to all areas of the body, and many sleep positions cause the vertebrae in the neck to be twisted and contorted in a way that increases the likelihood of damage to the nerves inside. The MyPillow provides firm support while allowing you to rest on a cool, comfortable surface that is as smooth and lush as a 5-star resort.

It is important to understand what the differences in filling involve when buying any support pillow. People have to get used to new types of pillows, and if you are expecting the same type of firmness as memory foam it can be an adjustment to use the MyPillow. The poly-filling resembles shredded memory foam to some degree, but does not have the weight that people used to memory foam pillows expect in an expensive support pillow. Give it a chance before making the judgment. Less weight can be a good thing, especially if you like to move the pillow around during the night to support various areas of the body.


  • The King Premium pillow in the range is lightweight at just 1.9 pounds making it just perfect to accompany you if you want to take your favorite pillow along with you wherever you may go.
  • The 10 year warranty and the 60 day money back guarantee offered with the My Pillow Premium Series Bed Pillow provides you the perfect question to your perennial worries of getting stuck with something that you have bought but for some valid reason you just don’t like it.
  • It is also hypoallergenic making it the darling for anyone with allergic reactions to materials used in pillows and they are also dust mite resistant.


  • Some may not like the printed cover but that would not be a major factor as you could always use a pillowcase that you would like to get over that simple problem.

4. ComfyComfy Buckwheat Pillow

ComfyComfy Buckwheat PillowIn many of the side sleeper pillow reviews that have been previously published online, several materials have been introduced, each claiming to be the best. Memory foam and latex are some of the most common, but one that is quickly gaining higher popularity is ComfySleep Buckwheat Pillow. Is this going to provide the best bang for the buck? Keep on reading and we will let you know.

This buckwheat pillow is made from an excellent material that is not only supportive but also cool. It does not retain heat, making it more comfortable even when used throughout the night. This model even comes with extra buckwheat, which will allow users to have it customized depending on the firmness that is preferred. Its cover is made from organic homegrown cotton, which makes it a lavish addition to any bathroom. The pillow comes with an innovative shape that will be contoured on your body.

100% Cotton Twill: The outer case of the pillow is another feature that should be noted. It is made from high-quality cotton, which is hand-dyed and micro-brushed. This material is known for being gentle in the skin, and hence, won’t cause irritation throughout your sleep.


  • Personalized Comfort: It's ability to conform to the shape of the body of the user.
  • Adjustable Firmness: Since it is made from buckwheat hulls, which can be added or lessened when you want.
  • Long-lasting: Even through time, you will notice that its quality will remain superior. For this reason, it is indeed going to provide the best bang for the buck.


  • Can be Noisy: One of the most commonly reported problems is the noise produced by the hulls, especially for people who move a lot when they are sleeping.
  • Volume of Hull Decreases through Time: With your movements, the hulls can also decrease in size through the years. With this, you need to buy a replacement within a certain period.

5. Good Life Essentials Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Good Life Essentials Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo CoverThis pillow is made with the use of CertiPUR-US memory foam pillow, which means that it has passed stringent standards. It can lead to the reduction of tossing and turning. The shredded memory foam that is used in this pillow is commendable because it can help to maintain the cool temperature, which is one thing that is not found in molded memory foam. The pillow cover is made from bamboo, a natural material that is known for being hypoallergenic. To demonstrate their commitment to the quality of their product it is backed with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Eco-Friendly: If you love the environment, you will love this pillow. Bamboo is one of the main materials of its cover. Aside from being natural, it is also known for being durable and breathable. Even if you are sleeping during a hot weather, the pillow can provide you with proper air circulation, which can be specifically attributed to its bamboo cover.

5-year – Manufacturer Warranty: The company stands by the quality of their products. With such, Good Life Essentials Shredded Memory Foam Pillow comes with a warranty that extends to 5 years. This is better than the standard one year warranty that is being offered by most manufacturers.

Shredded Memory Foam: This is the main material that is used in this product. It has gained reputation for being able to offer a wide array of benefits, includingpersonalized comfort. It is going to conform to the shape of the body of the user, which is one of the reason why it is going to provide the highest level of comfort for people who sleep on their side.


  • Hypoallergenic: It is free from allergens that can be a precursor of health problems. It can resist dust, mite, mold, and other common causes of allergies.
  • Will Not Go Flat: Even with prolonged use, it will stay in its tip-top shape, unlike others that could shrink and turn flat.
  • Machine-Washable: It can be machine washed, which makes it effortless to retain its superior quality through the years.
  • Provides a Cooling Effect: This is most probably attributed to the materials that are used, especially the bamboo cover. The latter is known for being hard to rival when it comes to breathability.


  • Can Be Too Firm: This can potentially lead into a strain in the neck or head. However, as many have pointed out, after a few weeks of use, it can be softer.
  • Lumpy Spots: This is made from shredded memory foam pillow. This can lead into a problem as some portions of the pillow can turn lumpy.

6. Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow

Mediflow Original Waterbase PillowThis pillow has been clinically-proven to deliver a wide array of benefits for the user, such as lessening sleep interruptions, reduction of neck pain, and lengthening sleeping time. Whether you are big or small, regardless if you prefer soft or firm pillow, this is going to be an excellent choice. It responds to the movement of your head, which is one of the reasons why it is supportive. You can increase or decrease the amount of water in the pillow to adjust its level of firmness based on what you find most comfortable.

Thin Waterbase: The base of this pillow has water, which is one of the things that make it distinct from others within the competition. You can add or remove water if you want the pillow to be softer or firmer. In addition, the water in the base will move when you move your head. Regardless of which side you are on, it is sure to be supportive.​

100% Cotton Cover: The outer part of the pillow is another thing that makes this an impressive option. You will be resting your face in a soft surface, which also happens to be hypoallergenic. The cover will prevent you from suffering from allergic attacks, which is going to affect your quality of sleep.​

Clinically-Proven to Improve Sleep: The manufacturer is not just making claims for the purpose of marketing its product aggressively. The assertions made by the manufacturer are clinically proven. In one study that has been conducted at John Hopkins University, the conclusion was that this pillow is the most effective in terms of providing the highest level of comfort and support for side sleepers.​

Risk-free Purchase: One more thing that is often highlighted about this model is its 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Meaning, within such period, if you are unhappy in any way, you can have it returned to the manufacturer and they will issue a complete refund.


  • Customizable Firmness: Simply adjust the level of water so that you can modify the pillow based on how soft or firm you want it to be.
  • Moves with You: With this, regardless of which side you will be facing, the pillow will besupportive.
  • No Lumps: In the case of this model, it is flat all throughout andthere are no hard spots.


  • Plastic Odor: However, the good news is that you will have to suffer from the foul odor only for a few days as it will naturally disappear.
  • Requires Effort in Changing Water: It should be done manually, and hence, requiring effort on your end.

7. MALOUF Natural Talalay Latex Zoned Pillow

Z by MALOUF Natural Talalay Latex Zoned PillowAs one of the top 10 best side sleeper pillow, one of the most impressive things about this product is the material of choice. It is made from 100% pure natural Talalay latex. The latex that is used in this model is derived from the sustainable tree, which makes it an eco-friendly option. It is a good thing that it is able to conform to the movements of the user, allowing its shape to be personalized based on the requirements of each person. In terms of versatility, it is also a good pick as users can choose high or low and firm or plush.

100% Talalay Latex: The latex that is used in this pillow is one of the things that makes it an impressive choice. It is designed with several holes, which are anticipated to make your sleep more comfortable. The latex itself is also beneficial as it can provide improved air flow and circulation.

Polyester and Rayon Cover: Aside from the pillow itself, it can also prove to be an exceptional choice because it comes with a cover that is made from 75% polyester and 25% rayon from bamboo. Although the cover is thick, it can provide unmatched comfort.

5-year Warranty: The extensive warranty coverage that is being offered by the manufacturer is one of the things that show their commitment to high quality. This can provide you with peace of mind as you can rely on the support of the manufacturer for an extended period.

Zoned Technology: This is perhaps one of the innovative features that gives it an edge above others within the competition. It provides zoned pressure relief on the head and neck, making it an ideal option for the best pillow for neck pain side sleeper.


  • 100% Natural Materials: It also has antimicrobial property, which means that bacteria will not accumulate, even in spite of having the pillow used for years.
  • Maintains its Flatness: It won’t crumple, clump, collapse, or shrink, allowing the pillow to retain its shape.
  • Breathable and Cool: It is made from natural materials that can help improve its breathability and air circulation.


  • A Bit Bulky: If you are looking for a lightweight and compact pillow, this is not going to be an excellent choice for you. Because it is made from latex, it can prove to be bigger than the standard pillows, especially those that are made from memory foam.
  • Latex Odor: Once the pillow is opened and within the first few days of its use, you have to suffer from its musty odor. This problem is apparent in almost all pillows made from latex

8. Sleep Better Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow

Sleep Better Iso-Cool Memory Foam PillowThe use of premium materials is perhaps one of the reasons why it is considered as amongst the best within the product category. It has visco-elastic memory foam fillings, which are known for being comfortable. More so, it also has Outlast Adaptive Control, which is basically an innovative technology that allows the pillow to absorb heat when you need to feel cool and to release heat when you need to feel warm. The cover, on the other hand, is made from 300-thread cotton, which is hypoallergenic. Lastly, the pillow comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

Outlast Adaptive Comfort Material: This is perhaps one of the reasons why it is ranked as amongst the best within the product category. This technology incorporates the use of Phase Change Material. The main purpose of the latter is to detect the temperature of the body. In return, the pillow will adjust to help in the regulation of body temperature.

100% Cotton Cover: This is a material that is common in most pillow covers. The best thing about this pillow is perhaps its breathability, which adds up to the comfort that can be provided by the pillow. It is also natural, and hence, hypoallergenic.

Gusseted Design: This feature allows the pillow to deliver the highest level of comfort for its users. Because it is gusseted, it means that the loft is elevated. This level is maintained all throughout your sleep, providing your head with the support that you need, which is critical if you are sleeping on your side.

Visco-Elastic Memory Foam Filling: The memory foam that is used in this pillow allows it to provide customized shape based on your needs. It offers maximum support for the head neck, shoulders, and back.


  • Regulates Body Temperature: It has the ability to detect your body temperature. The pillow will adjust to your temperature, which is going to be vital for your comfort.
  • Easy to Clean: It is also a good thing that this pillow is machine-washable, which will make it effortless for you to maintain its best quality, even through the years.
  • Highly Dense: The material density provides the support that is needed by the weight of the user, especially for side sleepers.
  • Hypoallergenic: It has a 300-thread count cotton cover that is not only soft, but can also resist common allergens.


  • Can be Too High: Which can cause discomfort for some.
  • Musty Smell: The annoying odor is a result of the packaging. It is commonly experienced a few days after the pillow is opened. It won’t take long, however, before this smell will disappear without the need to do anything.

9. Sleep Joy ViscoFresh Memory Foam Advanced Contour Pillow

Sleep Joy ViscoFresh Memory Foam One of the features that make it perfect for side sleepers is the curved indentation on one side of the pillow. It provides the support that is needed by the neck and keeps your head in the perfect position. It does not trap heat and hence, it will make you feel cool all throughout your sleep. The ViscoFresh memory foam is not only comfortable but can also neutralize odor to provide a fresh scent. The outer cover, on the other hand, has Nano-Tex Coolest Comfort technology, which prevents moisture. When the cover is put on, it seems like a normal and not a therapeutic pillow.

Neck Bolster: This is one of the unique features of this model, providing it with an edge above others. It cradles the neck and the chin, which provides the support that your body needs. Another thing that is impressive about this product is its ability to reduce snoring.

ViscoFresh Memory Foam: The quality of the memory foam that is used in this pillow is notable. It is moldable and hence, it will follow the shape of your head. Therefore, if you sleep on your side, it can create a contoured frame to support your face, which is necessary for your comfort.

Infused with Natural Green Tea: This is one feature that you do not normally see in other pillows within the market. The green tea infusion in the foam is beneficial because it can eliminate foul odor. It can also provide a subtle scent that can put you to sleep quicker.

Nano-Tex Coolest Comfort Cover: This is another notable technology that is integrated in this product. The main role of the latter is to provide the body with the optimal temperature regardless of the conditions of the external environment.


  • Therapeutic: From the overall design and construction of this product, it can be easily said that it is not just an ordinary pillow. It is created in such a way that it can be able to deliver a wide array of therapeutic benefits
  • Long-lasting: The manufacturer proudly states that the pillow is made in the U.S.A. and with the use of nothing but premium materials. As supported by the opinons of other users, this is indeed an excellent choice when it comes to durability. Even through the years, it will not shrink or go flat
  • Reduces Snoring: This pillow can improve the quality of sleep not only through minimizing body pain that results from sleeping on your side, but also through helping reduce snoring


  • Musty Smell: When the product is new, you will be able to smell a musty odor from the pillow. This is going to last for a couple of days. However, there is no need to worry as the manufacturer assures that this odor will be gone within a few days.
  • Mint Scent: The green tea scent of the memory foam pillow is loved by many. However, for some people, it is overpowering and it can make you smell like mint.

10. SleepBetter Beyond Down Gel Fiber

SleepBetter Beyond Down Gel FiberThe micro denier gel fiber that is used as a filling in this pillow is not as supportive as memory foam, but for its price, it is going to be an excellent choice. This is the perfect option for budget-conscious buyers who are unwilling to sacrifice quality in spite of choosing one that comes with an economical price tag. It has 300-thread count cotton fiber, which is not only soft but also hypoallergenic. The cover is also machine-washable. The edges are double needle corded, which is one of the reasons why you can expect it to last long without negatively affecting its quality.

Made from Micro Denier Gel Fiber: This is an excellent choice for a full-service support pillow. When complemented with the use of the mattress for side sleepers, it is surely going to minimize body pain and sleep disruptions. The use of this material is commendable because it is moldable and will adapt on the shape of the head or body of the user, allowing it to offer personalized comfort.
Gusset Side Stitching: Another impressive feature of this pillow is the 4.5-inch gusset stitching on its side. It creates a frame that will make the pillow retain its shape, preventing such from collapsing even with extended period of use. Therefore, you can be assured of its ability to keep your head secured in your sleep.
300-thread Count Cotton Cover: To make this pillow more luxurious, it comes with a 100% cotton cover, which has 300 thread count. It is going to be unrivalled when it comes to softness.
5-Year Warranty: As a demonstration of their commitment in manufacturing high-quality and long-lasting products, the manufacturer offers an extensive warranty coverage, which lasts for 5 years.


  • Supperior Neck Support: This is one of the reasons why it is perfect for people who sleep on their side. Stiff neck is going to be a thing of the past! The pillow is not only supportive, but also very comfortable.
  • Satys Cool: The gel fiber filling and the cotton cover of the Sleep Better Beyond Down Gel Fiber Side Sleeper Pillow is impressive because of its ability to maintain the right temperature. Even in the summer, you can expect to have a good sleep with this pillow.
  • Extra-Large Size: Whether it is used as a head or body pillow, it can prove to be an exceptional choice. Its generous size allows it to provide all-around support, which is one thing that you cannot find in smaller pillows.


  • Looks a Bit Stiff: This is basically because of the rectangular shape and the gusset stitching on the side. Some of its users noted that it looks like a brick. The edges can also be sharp.
  • Can get Flat: Gel fiber is a material that is not as superior as the others that are used in side sleeper pillows. It is prone to getting flat or shrinking as more pressure is applied into it.

11. Dream Supreme Plus Gel Fiber-Filled Pillows

Dream Supreme Plus Gel Fiber-Filled PillowsThis set comes with two pillows, making it perfect for couples who are both side sleepers. It comes with polyester gel fiber filling. It is not as impressive as memory foam, but given its affordable price, there is no wonder why it is popular. The cover is made from 370-thread count fabric with 100% mercerized cotton shell. It is machine washable. The manufacturer provides the one-year limited warranty. There are some, however, who did not like the firmness of the pillow, noting that it is quite inferior when compared to other materials.

Polyester Gel Fiber Filling: The material that is used to fill the pillow is not as popular as memory foam or latex. However, its capability to provide comfort and support is impressive. It has no shift construction and has great loft recovery. More than just being good for side sleepers, its material is also an excellent choice for stomach and back sleepers.

Cotton Shell: This pillow comes with a 370-thread count 100% mercerized cotton shell. The latter is known for being soft and gentle on the skin, especially for the face. It is also worth noting that it is hypoallergenic, which is one more thing that makes it an attractive choice.

One-Year Warranty: This is the standard warranty coverage. However, there are some who did not like it because it is a bit shorter compared to the warranty that is offered by other manufacturers.


  • Machine-Washable: This is a good thing when it comes to being long-lasting. Once the pillow gets dirty, you can just have it tossed in the washing machine. It will be effortless for the users to retain its best quality even through time.
  • Hypoallergenic: If you have sensitivity to allergens, this is going to be an excellent pick. You will not wake up sneezing or with cold. It is made from materials that can resist allergens, including dust and mite.
  • Affordable Price.


  • Chemical Odor: From the time that it is opened, there is a foul odor. This may be disturbing for some and can be a reason for you to wake up at the middle of the night. The good news, however, is that it will naturally disappear within a few days.
  • Under-filled: Another common complaint from the users is the minimal amount of filling compared to competing models.

How To Choose Best Pillow for Side Sleepers 2017

how to choose the best pillows for side sleepers

Each one pillow offers a comfortable and different options for you. Do you should choose pillows for your needs with the criteria? To do that, we would like to offer a few notes for you before choosing and buying pillows.

Start with the Materials Used: Memory foam is the most popular, comfortable, and supportive material when it comes to pillows for side sleepers. Make sure that the material is also durable, can absorb moisture, and can help maintain the right temperature as you sleep.

Consider Special Needs: Not all pillows are created the same. If it is going to be used by children or by pregnant women, among others, special types of pillows may be needed.

Find the Right Size: Do not choose a pillow that is too small as it may not be able to provide the support that you need. If it is too large, on the other hand, it can also affect your comfort.

Find the Right Firmness: You should not use a pillow that is too soft or too firm. It will be good if you can choose a pillow that will give you the freedom to adjust the firmness based on what the user desires.

Find the Right Height: The pillow that you should choose must not be too low or too high in order to prevent strain, specifically in the neck.

What the Best Type of Pillow for Side Sleepers?

According to consumer reports of Consumer Federation of America, the number of people using pillows with natural sources is much higher than the products of industrial origin. We easily see that, in addition to the advanced features equipped with them, all the product lines of natural origin, with a few conventional cleaning steps (without chemicals) would be good for better health and longer durability. Typically, we can see the pillow from natural origin such as memory foam pillow, buckwheat.
Memory Foam Pillow
Memory foam pillowThe contoured shape of this pillow is perhaps one of its greatest assets, which allows it to provide personalized shape.
This product is also adjustable to the weight of your body as well as the temperature perfectly. Besides, it can satisfy even the prissiest customers by its durability, steadiness, and safeness. When you use this type of pillow, you will realize that its shape can be maintained well for a long time.
Especially, because memory foam is very tight elastic, the pillow made of this material is very effective to reduce stress on the head part contacting with the bed significantly; hence, your sleep can be insured. If you do not know or confuse to choose the most suitable pillow which fits you, I recommend you look for and purchase this one because it can response all your needs well.
Latex Pillows
Latex PillowSince the first days produced and introduced on the market, this type of material has gradually become popular and received a lot of concerns from a large number of customers. Being an intelligent and excellent product for the side sleepers, the latex pillow can help you to relieve the pain in your neck when you sleep and support your head effectively as well.
This is a modern material for pillows that can provide support for the head. Some of its advantages include being affordable, durable, and cool. It can resist pressure, which is one of the reasons why it can be good for side sleepers.
The firmness of this material is also considered as more efficient than the memory foam one. If you want to reduce your soreness happened when you sleep on one side and need to have a durable product, this kind of pillow is completely suitable for you.
Buckwheat PillowsThis pillow is made from buckwheat, a natural material, which makes it an eco-friendly option. The hulls that are placed inside the pillow can provide the support that you need. It can also be customized by adding or removing buckwheat.
Similar to the memory foam pillow, the buckwheat one can be adjustable to weight and temperature. Especially, there is a very great point that makes people love using this pillow is that customers can feel cool during the night because buckwheat product can release heat and keep cool.
Feather Filled Pillows
Feathered Filled PillowsIt can be said that the feather of birds is never outdated and always enjoyed by a large number of people because this material is totally natural and safe for users. Thanks to its softness and smoothness, your head and neck can be supported incredibly, and your blood circulation is also improved significantly.
Besides, your comfort can be totally ensured because the pressure on your neck and head is lowered a lot. The pillow with feather filling is always a worth buying product, but its cost may not fit every customers’ budget because the natural product obviously has a high price. Although this type of pillow is very useful and helpful for side sleepers, its shape loss during the process of use often makes people hesitate.

Most Wanted Features of Pillows for Side Sleepers

Hypoallergenic: It is important for the pillow to resist allergens, as well as dust and mite. This would also mean that the pillow is hygienic.

Material: Some of the most common materials that are used in the pillow for side sleepers include memory foam, buckwheat, feather, and latex, among others.

Cooling Technology: The pillow must be able to maintain the right body temperature, which means that you must not feel hot during your sleep.

Extensive Warranty: If the manufacturer is confident about the quality of their product, they will not hesitate to offer an extensive warranty coverage. This means that with the warranty period, you can have it returned to the manufacturer, and they will have it replaced, provided that the problem is not a result of your negligence.

What Is the Best Position for Sleeping?

what is the best position for sleepingThere are many sleeping positions for each of us. Many people prefer to sleep on their side, many others like back or on their stomach. There are people, like all of the above methods. But interest is how hard the top concern is still comfortable, tight linkages between agencies on the body, particularly the support for the spine to not wake up sore every time the next morning. The standard pillow size is 20 inches by 26 inches.

You may be surprised that 63% of Americans sleep on the sides of their body. Add 15% sleep on their stomach and 14% sleep on their backs. That equates to 93%, other 7% so to sleep on throughout the body, face, back, and stomach.

How a Specialized Pillow Will Improve Your Sleep if You Are a Side Sleeper

One of the best things about the pillows for side sleepers is that they are able to retain the right level of firmness throughout your sleep. This means that it can remain supportive, minimizing the possibility of suffering from body pain when you wake up. You must have a pillow that is resting in between your knees. More importantly, you should have a good pillow to support your head. Even if you toss and turn in bed, you will surely wake up feeling rejuvenated because of your specialized pillow!

Things to Consider

Feedbacks from Other People: If you are clueless about which one to pick, make sure to consult what other people have to say. Read reviews or ask for recommendations from people you know.

Price: Find a pillow that is suitable for the budget that you have. However, this does not mean that you have to choose the cheapest option that is available. Make sure that quality is never compromised.

Pillow Cover: Like the pillow itself, the cover must also be made from the excellent material, bamboo and cotton are the most popular choices. The cover should be washable and should be hypoallergenic.

Ease of Maintenance: It is also important for the pillow to be easy to maintain and clean, which will have an impact on its durability and ability to stay hygienic in spite of long-term use.

What is A Side Sleeper Pillow?

There are many side pillows in the market today. This is owing to the fact that majority of the world’s populace are side sleepers. The side sleeper’s pillow is firm and meant to take up the space between your head and your shoulder. It helps you to evenly adjust your weight while asleep which may result to an unnatural posture. Sleeping with the right pillow guards the position of your spine too. Pillow is something very important that you need to avoid long sleepless nights. A bad pillow not only causes sleepless nights but they are also the main reason behind having back and neck pains. Everyone can find a good pillow for themselves but the side sleepers are the one that goes through a lot of hassle as the pillow should raise their heads in order to keep it perfectly in-line with spine.


In sum, looking for the best pillow for neck pain side sleeper can indeed be a challenging task, especially because of the overwhelming options that are available. This, however should not be an excuse for you to decide in haste. Keep in mind the things that have been mentioned above and keep an eye on the models we have mentioned. For sure, you will end up making a decision that you won’t regret. The pillows listed here are the best of what is available for side sleeping support. Get one from today and find out how much better your night can get.